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We Provide Land Surveying Services by the Best in the Business

At 3TEN Surveying, we pride ourselves in making a difference in your client experience by providing cohesion and cooperation like no other surveying firm. Each member of our staff possesses vast industry knowledge, an excellent skill set, and valuable field experience.

Why Choose 3TEN?

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Top-Quality Performance

3TEN Surveying has a reputation for delivering top-quality services on time, within budget, and tailored to fit the needs of each client. We specialize in land surveying and digital mapping services. Our diverse clients include governmental agencies, school districts, churches, utility districts, homeowners, and a great number of private sector developers in our area.

25 Years Of Experience

Over the last 25 years, 3TEN Surveyors have completed thousands of topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and mapping projects. Our experience and expertise are unmatched in the Midwest and we provide each client with the most accurate and reliable information about their property.

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Our Services Include

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Property/Boundary/Stake Surveys

A survey consisting of verifying property corners, setting or resetting pins, checking for violations or encroachments onto the property or off the property. Most commonly used for new construction, improvements, fences and boundary disputes. 

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ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

A comprehensive survey is typically used for commercial/industrial transactions and the lending institutions and law offices involved. Utilizing a title commitment to verify legal descriptions, easement locations, encroachments and a complete inventory of what is on/off site, we perform detailed research to assure thorough, accurate and reliable information.

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Topographic Survey / Site Plan

As-built survey of the existing features of the property or site, including the configuration of the surface of the ground and the location of all natural and artificial objects, including utilities, drainage ways, structures, ingress and egress to the property and any other visible limitations or enhancements to the property, to be used by you, your Architect or Engineer, with PDF or CAD files supplied upon request. Covering South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.

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Mortgage Loan Certificate

South Dakota-specific certificate for residential title insurance generally required by the lending institution or title company. We cover the entire southeast quarter of the State. This does not constitute a boundary survey and is subject to any inaccuracies that a subsequent boundary survey may disclose. No property corners will be set and it should not be used or relied upon for the establishment of any fence, structure or other improvement.

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Flood Certificate / LOMA

As-built location for property owners, lending institutions and insurance companies to verify and submit for flood insurance purposes. As the maps change in your area, we can help bring certified elevations to your site and obtain the needed data for FEMA forms to help you get started and possibly minimize your risk of flood and the cost of annual flood insurance premiums

Construction Staking

On-site staking for contractors to assist layout of engineering site design and building grid lines for commercial projects and accurately layout new home construction to avoid potential encroachments of features over setback and property lines.

Tower Location Surveys

3TEN Surveyors have completed over 1200 tower surveys since 2005 and currently cover the FAA Great Lakes Region for 1A and 2C Certifications in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

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We make sure to gather as much information from you the client about your project before it begins so that we can get the job done right and meet your expectations. We work closely with you to determine what services will be required to make the project successful. Request your Survey estimate now and rest easy knowing that our firm price will not change unless the scope of your project changes.

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Any Scope of Project

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