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About 3TEN
Jeremy Lichtenberg, PLS

I am a second-generation surveyor that has spent his career surveying for great clients in the upper midwest from the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado and the Black Hills of South Dakota to Lake Superior in Minnesota and the Mississippi River in Iowa, from the oil fields in North Dakota to the grasslands of Kansas, and thousands of great places in between. I have had great mentors over my career which have influenced not only my training but also my love for my craft. My father Jim first, gave me my start, working summers as a boy, answering so many questions I had of the history of surveying and the why and how. Jerry Flannery second, whom my father worked with for 20+ years, has a common-sense approach to surveying and engineering. Lastly, the late Ron Nissen of HWS Consulting (now Benesch). Ron opened my eyes to the scope of projects, to what I was truly capable of taking on by myself, always making me bring the answers to him instead of just doing it himself, truly teaching me his perspective. Even up until his passing I would still call Ron often, to discuss the math behind railroad curves and his opinion on metes and bounds legal descriptions in Nebraska. Now, after over 25 years, with nearly 10,000 surveys under my guidance over 11 different States, I have branched out on my own, using my knowledge and experience to provide my clients the best product paired with a great price.

The name of my firm, 3TEN Surveying, to me is the definition of hard work. 310 miles from my door in Elk Point to Alicia’s door in Overland Park. I met Alicia through work in 2010, and now, after nearly 10 years of making that I-29 drive no matter the season, with our 5 children in tow or alone, just to see each other on the weekends or to begin one of our great Jeep Week vacations, I count myself blessed. With my own firm and our children gradually leaving the nest, we have been able to spend even more time together in the Siouxland and Kansas City areas. Combining her background in Law and Real Estate with my love of Surveying and mapping, we always have something fun from work to discuss and have enjoyed our businesses intertwining.

 Don’t hesitate to call or email me, even if you just have general questions about surveying. I truly enjoy the topic and help you understand what I do. I want your project to be a success and will do everything I can to help. I will explain the step-by-step process of each type of survey I complete and unlike most firms, I will develop a firm price quote before I start any work that will only change if the scope of the project changes. Thanks for visiting my site and let me know how I can help.


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